10 reasons to switch to SurfClear today.

Plastic bottles being collected on a beach.

SurfClear is the search engine that allows anyone to do their part for the planet by simply doing something that everyone already does every day…

All search engines receive an income from sponsored results – companies who pay money for their website to appear higher on a search engine. We donate 100% of the profits we make from these sponsored results to organisations such as 4Ocean.

So why should you switch?
Here’s 10 reasons:

1- Absolute Privacy – Unlike other search engines, we don’t sell your data to any third parties and we don’t track your searches.

Our partners 4Ocean.

2- We are fully transparent – we publish monthly reports to our website to show exactly where our money is going and exactly how much plastic has been removed from the oceans.

3- We are environmentally friendly – Not only do we fund organisations to clear plastic and pollutants from the ocean, we also run all of our servers on renewable energy.

4- More relevant – Using SurfClear generates more relevant results than other leading search engines such as Google. We are proud to be powered by Yahoo! & Microsoft. Source: Analysis of Rand Fishkin SEOmoz.org

5- Simple maths – For every 10 searches using SurfClear, we fund the removal of 1 plastic bottle from waterways around the world.

6- No sign-up – We don’t require any details from you, simply start using SurfClear and watch the plastic counter go up!

7- Rewarding – Using SurfClear is personally rewarding, making you feel better knowing you are making a difference in the world. You can see your personal all time progress from your number of searches.

8- Lead to bigger things – starting with something as small as switching to SurfClear may lead to you making bigger changes within your own life. Perhaps you will reduce your plastic consumption? Perhaps you will take part in a local Ocean Cleanup? It really does start with a search.

9- Reliable partners – We have partnered with 4Ocean a company founded in 2017 in Boca Raton who have recovered a total of 12,904,378lbs of plastic from a total of 23 coastlines and oceans to date. 4Ocean provide us with certificates which we then publish to document how much plastic we fund them to clean from the ocean.

10- Passionate team – Our team is made up of individuals who share a wealth of experience and a passion for the environment. See the team here

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